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Tarai Organic Farms

Turmeric/haldi Powder

Turmeric/haldi Powder

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Tarai Organics turmeric/haldi, grown from desi seeds without the use of chemical and synthetic fertilisers, offers several benefits due to its traditional cultivation and processing methods. Tarai Organics employs a unique process for producing their turmeric powder, which helps preserve its natural properties and flavour.

- Washing: The rhizomes are thoroughly washed with fresh water multiple times to ensure they are clean and free from impurities.

- Cutting into thin slices: After washing, the rhizomes are cut into thin slices. This step increases the surface area of the turmeric, allowing it to dry more efficiently.

- Shade drying: The sliced turmeric is then dried in a shaded area. Shade drying helps protect the turmeric from excessive heat and sunlight, which can degrade its natural properties. This method allows the turmeric to dry gradually while retaining its flavour and beneficial compounds.

- Manual crushing: Once the turmeric slices are completely dry, they are manually crushed between two stones. This manual crushing process ensures that the turmeric is processed gently, preserving its natural properties and flavour.

- Sieving: The crushed turmeric is then sieved using a cotton cloth to obtain a fine powder. This sieving process helps remove any coarse particles, resulting in a smooth and fine-textured turmeric powder.

- High Antioxidant, Antiseptic, and Anti-inflammatory Properties: Turmeric contains an active compound called curcumin, which exhibits strong antioxidant properties. Additionally, curcumin has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can aid in reducing inflammation and promoting overall well-being.

- Strengthens the Immune System: Turmeric is known for its immune-boosting properties. Regular consumption of turmeric can support the immune system, helping the body defend against infections and diseases.

- Versatile Ingredient: Tarai Organics turmeric powder can be used not only in cooking but also for various skin applications. In Ayurveda, a traditional Indian system of medicine, turmeric is often used in skincare routines, such as in the form of Haldi Ubtan (a paste made from turmeric and other natural ingredients), to promote healthy and radiant skin.

- Aids in Digestion: Turmeric has been traditionally used as a digestive aid. It can help stimulate the production of digestive enzymes, supporting the breakdown and absorption of nutrients. Including turmeric in your meals can assist in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

In addition to these benefits, combining warm milk with ghee (clarified butter) and turmeric is a popular Ayurvedic remedy. This combination is believed to enhance the effectiveness of the milk and provide additional health benefits.

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