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About Tarai

Established in 2019, Tarai Organic Farms, nestled in Nanpara, Uttar Pradesh, is a biodiverse haven dedicated to regenerative natural farming. We cultivate an array of fruits, grains, cereals, and pulses from native seeds, with a mission to improve soil health and provide chemical-free, eco-friendly food. Our commitment extends to fostering a healthier lifestyle, benefiting both you and the environment. Employing traditional farming practices, we prioritize nutrient preservation and generate employment in neighboring villages. With over 35 products, including stone-ground flour, handmade dals, cold-pressed oils, and more, Tarai Organic Farms offers a diverse range of wholesome, sustainably produced options.

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Traditionally Processed

Traditional Indian agriculture embodies sustainability with a focus on preserving soil health, fostering crop diversity, and optimizing water resources. It fosters community bonds through collaborative practices while maintaining a lower environmental footprint. These time-tested methods harmonize farming with nature, offering a promising path to a greener future.

Sustainable Farming

Our Strength

Tarai Organic Farms thrives on its strengths, including a commitment to regenerative natural farming, preserving traditional methods, and promoting eco-friendly practices. With a diverse range of over 35 high-quality, chemical-free products, it's a beacon of sustainable agriculture, benefiting soil health, community empowerment, and a healthier lifestyle.

Looking to the Future

Our Vision

Our mission is to cultivate chemical-free, sustainable produce, preserving traditional farming methods, and promoting eco-friendly practices. We're dedicated to enhancing soil health, empowering local communities, and contributing to a healthier India by offering a diverse range of high-quality products that encourage a nutritious and sustainable lifestyle