About Us


Tarai Organic Farms, founded in 2019, is a green oasis nestled in the heart of Nanpara, Uttar Pradesh. Our journey began with a deep-rooted commitment to regenerative natural farming and a vision to revolutionize the way we grow and consume food. Our biodiverse haven is dedicated to cultivating a wide array of fruits, grains, cereals, and pulses, all nurtured from native seeds.

Our Mission: Enhancing Soil Health and Promoting Eco-Friendly Practices

At Tarai Organic Farms, our mission is twofold: to improve soil health and provide chemical-free, eco-friendly food. We firmly believe in the transformative power of farming that respects nature. Our practices extend to fostering a healthier lifestyle that benefits both you and the environment.

Traditional Wisdom Meets Modern Sustainability

Embracing the wisdom of regenerative natural farming, we strive to ensure that our produce not only nourishes your body and soul but also contributes to a sustainable ecosystem. We are staunch advocates for preserving traditional farming methods and have made it our mission to employ local communities in grading, processing, sorting, and various other farm activities. This not only preserves the nutrients in our products but also generates vital employment opportunities in the nearby villages.

Our Product Range: Diverse, Wholesome, and Sustainable

With a diverse range of over 35 high-quality, chemical-free products, Tarai Organic Farms is a beacon of sustainable agriculture. Our product offerings include stone-ground flour, handmade dals, cold-pressed oils, and more. Each product has been carefully nurtured, cultivated, and processed to meet our stringent quality standards.

Meet the Team Behind Tarai Organic Farms:

Gautam Agrawal: Born in Nanpara, Gautam's journey from a city life to becoming a farmer was driven by his passion for a healthy and chemical-free lifestyle.

Anupam Agrawal: A former banker in Delhi, Anupam returned to his roots to generate employment in the local community and create opportunities in organic farming.

Shruti Agrawal: A former teacher, Shruti joined Anupam in building Tarai Organic Farms, overseeing crucial backend operations.

Shilky Agrawal: Shilky, a computer application graduate and mother of two, recognized the importance of chemical-free food for a healthy life and became an integral part of our movement.

At Tarai Organic Farms, we are not just farmers; we are stewards of the land, champions of sustainability, and advocates for a healthier India. Join us on our journey to promote a greener, healthier, and more sustainable way of life through wholesome, sustainably produced food.