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Sattu Paratha Mix (Protein rich parathas)

Sattu Paratha Mix (Protein rich parathas)

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A homemade recipe crafted to add a delicious twist to your daily parathas. Dive into the culinary delight of this unique blend that combines traditional flavors with the convenience of homemade goodness. Craft delicious, protein-rich parathas with our special Chana Sattu paratha mix, made from naturally grown ingredients to elevate your meal experience.

● Benefits:

● High Protein Content: Chana Sattu paratha mix is rich in plant-based protein, making these parathas a nutritious addition to your diet.

● Natural Ingredients: Made from naturally grown chickpeas, ensuring purity and authenticity.

● Healthy and Delicious: Shift from regular parathas to healthier and flavorful options without compromising taste.

● Recipe for Perfect Sattu Parathas:

● Enhanced Flavors: Customize with chopped onions, fresh green chilies, and coriander leaves to infuse the Sattu mix with delightful flavors.

● Knead whole wheat flour and skillfully fill the dough with the enriched Sattu mix for the perfect blend of taste and nutrition.

● Cooking Guide: Roll and cook to golden perfection using Tarai's farm-made cultured ghee, adding a touch of richness to your culinary masterpiece.

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