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Mint Leaves Powder

Mint Leaves Powder

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Mint leaves powder, also known as pudina powder, is a popular ingredient known for its cooling sensation and refreshing flavour. It is prepared by drying mint leaves and filtering them using a cotton cloth. Here are some common uses and benefits of mint leaves powder:


- It can be mixed with curd to make a refreshing and flavorful pudina raita, which is a popular side dish in Indian cuisine.
- Mint powder can be added to buttermilk (chaas) to enhance its flavour and provide a cooling effect.
- Mint powder can be used as a flavorful ingredient while making delicious pudina parathas (Indian flatbread).
- Adding mint powder to fresh lime juice can make it even more refreshing and enjoyable.
-Mint powder can be added to various beverages like smoothies and juices, as well as to chutneys and salads, to add a refreshing flavour.


- Mint leaves used for preparing the powder are naturally grown without the use of chemicals or synthetic fertilisers, ensuring a healthier product.
- The mint leaves used in the powder are handpicked and naturally dried, preserving their natural aroma and flavour.
- Mint powder may help relieve upset stomach and indigestion, making it a beneficial ingredient for digestive health.
- Mint leaves, including the powder, are known for their ability to freshen breath and help treat bad breath.
- Mint powder is easy to add to your diet as it can be used in various recipes and dishes.
- Mint leaves powder is preferred over fresh mint leaves as it has a longer shelf life and is less perishable.
- High-quality mint powder is prepared without the addition of preservatives or additives, ensuring a more natural product.

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