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Tarai Organic Farms

Masoor Dal

Masoor Dal

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  • Native variety seeds are sown as rabi intercrop in our food forest.
  • Masoor is a hardy crop requiring very little water.


  • Masoor pods are handpicked by female co-workers, sun dried to get natural masoor.
  • Splitting of masoor beans is done using traditional stoneground tools (Daraiti). Dairiti has been a traditional tool used in villages to split beans since ages.


  • Highly nutritious as it is Stone grounded using traditional tools (Dairiti) generating less heat.
  • Free from additives and preservatives
  • Unpolished
  • Grown naturally from desi seeds without using chemical & synthetic fertilisers
  • It adds essential vitamins, minerals & protein to the diet.
  • Contains dietary fibre which helps in controlling blood sugar levels and improves gut health.

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