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Tarai Organic Farms

Chana Dal

Chana Dal

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The seed coat of the Desi chickpea is removed, then the seed is split in half using a traditional tool (Dairiti) to produce the Chana Dal. Chana (Chickpea) is grown as a Rabi crop without the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides. 

Chana dal is delicious, nutritious and easily digested. 


Tarai organics chana dal is unpolished.

Chana dal has innumerable health benefits, the most important being that it is a rich source of protein and is essential for vegetarians.

Chana dal is rich in B-complex vitamins that play an important role in glucose metabolism and are vital for your body to remain active and energetic.

It is rich in antioxidants and reduces inflammation.

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